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    Holy City History Tours has been dedicated since our founding to telling the stories of the women and men who were written out of the history books.

    We bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment. Each tour showcases Charlestonians who endured enormous hardships, overcame nearly impossible circumstances, and helped propel society into the future. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes you feel awe-inspired.

    With each tour, we aim to give each guest a real and authentic experience of Charleston and its history.

    Our Reviews

    •   This tour is an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone that is tired of hearing the same whitewashed male dominated history over and over again. This tour is definitely NOT THAT! The tour was fascinating and informative.

      thumb Greg & Jo
    •   Interesting perspective. Larry had a done a lot of research about the (ignored) role of women in this regions history. Eye opener..m

      thumb Joris
    •   Our tour with Larry was so much fun! We were fortunate to be the only four folks on the tour so we got some really special time to talk with him about all the interesting info he was presenting. It was so nice to learn about some of the unrecognized ladies of Charleston who did extraordinary things during their lifetimes. Would highly recommend this tour....just don't be put off by Larry's Santa Claus,/ZZ Top look! He really knows his stuff!

      thumb Heidi
    •   Larry knows his subject well and he has excellent storytelling skills and excellent knowledge of historical characters as they relate to the tour topic . It was a cold, wet day and he was so engaging that we didn’t mind the weather at all.

      thumb Kareneve
    •   Larry is an interesting storyteller. We had a leisurely walk, heard interesting stories and enjoyed a local coffee shop. Fun time.

      thumb Gail
    •   Larry is a wonderful guide, with stories you won't get from history books, and a great way of communicating them.

      thumb Kathleen
    •   This experience was beyond what we had dreamed of. Larry is an exceptional storyteller and a phenomenal person. It was a true joy and a gift to spend this time with him, we were often moved and incredibly inspired the entire time. Not only does Larry bring forgotten members of Charleston’s history to life (like, really really really!) but he also gives you a sense of the character of this city. A character that is deeply committed to caring for one another. In fact, I am already planning a trip back here JUST TO take another tour with this man. Please please don’t hesitate to sign up for this tour. He changed our lives.

      thumb Emese
    •   This tour is an amazing experience with so many interesting stories and pieces of history I wouldn't have known otherwise!

      thumb Allie
    •   Loved our tour with Larry! He was very hospitable, accommodating, knowledgeable, and funny. He had super interesting stories to tell. He is clearly very passionate and loves what he does - highly recommend!

      thumb Hayley
    •   Larry is really enthusiastic, knowledgeable, inclusive and engaged with the role of “strong women” in the history of the region. He brought it to life for our group. The time flew by. With so much of the tours focuses on the actions of men, this tour really was refreshing and illuminating. Highly recommended for the fresh storytelling and subject.

      thumb Lyle