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About Us

Holy City History Tours has been dedicated since our founding to telling the stories of the women and men who were written out of the history books.

We bring the stories of these forgotten figures to life with informative entertainment. Each tour showcases Charlestonians who endured enormous hardships, overcame nearly impossible circumstances, and helped propel society into the future. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry, and sometimes you feel awe-inspired.

With each tour, we aim to give each guest a real and authentic experience of Charleston and its history.

Our Reviews

  •   Larry is a unique and informed guide, great experience!

    thumb Tracy
  •   I’ve lived here for over twenty years and this was the most interesting and informative tour I have taken in our local area!

    thumb Katie
  •   Larry was absolutely wonderful! His stories couldn’t be found in any history book. I highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to hear the real history of the USA and how women shaped our history.

    thumb Heather
  •   I loved it. He is a wonderful & colorful guide that truly respected people from history. He was open about all people and their strengths. He seemed to truly believe we all have equal rights to freedom. I loved it.

    thumb Sharon
  •   We had three adult women, a teen, and a five-year-old in a stroller on the tour. We agreed this was one of the highlights of our vacation. Larry shared his passion about our nation's history through the lens of strong, brave women (and the men who emboldened them). There was so much information that we hung on every word. Larry is a lively storyteller who invited us into the discussion. Loved the advice and encouragement to our young girls. Don't think twice about booking this tour! You'll leave thinking more about history's power of the pen.

    thumb Candy
  •   Larry is a wonderful guide, with stories you won't get from history books, and a great way of communicating them.

    thumb Kathleen
  •   What a treat! Larry was a wonderful storyteller, telling truths from our history that were all new news to me! He added passion and local color, telling the stories with such detail that I could picture them in front of me. It was a cold and rainy Charleston day, but these stories were worth every rainy minute!

    thumb Kathleen
  •   Larry is beyond knowledgeable on a variety of topics. My sister and I took the tour about women in Charleston, and their contributions to society. Not only was Larry able to answer all of our questions with no hesitation, but he also provided us with information on a range of topics that we would have never known, or even thought to ask. I would nightly recommend anyone to take one of Larry’s walking tours, and will definitely be taking another one of his tours when I am back in town.

    thumb Shaneah
  •   Our tour with Larry was so much fun! We were fortunate to be the only four folks on the tour so we got some really special time to talk with him about all the interesting info he was presenting. It was so nice to learn about some of the unrecognized ladies of Charleston who did extraordinary things during their lifetimes. Would highly recommend this tour....just don't be put off by Larry's Santa Claus,/ZZ Top look! He really knows his stuff!

    thumb Heidi
  •   We came across Larry's tour as a recommendation when we booked our trip to Charleston. Larry provides a unique perspective and obviously has learned everything he can about his beloved city. We left with many memories and new knowledge of an already interesting city. He respects humanity and wants everyone who had an impact on history to have their stories known. We all left with his quote in our mind about measuring people by good and smart. Wonderful experience, would highly recommend!

    thumb Jennifer