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Nighttime Ghost Tours

Family-Friendly Ghost Tour

Charleston Church Steeple
Charleston Church Steeple

Explore Charleston’s haunted historic district, and learn how to see a ghost!

Stand in front of the most photographed ghost in the United States and the most robbed grave in Charleston. Walk down spooky streets and alleys, and hear the stories of those that still haunt the city to this day.

Highlights include St. Philip’s Church Graveyard, Charleston City Market, Philadelphia Alley, and Charleston’s haunted historic district.

One Bar & Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Learn the game of connections and communication through tarot, and explore the higher bonds between our spirits, our souls, and the occult.

Join a group of new friends at a local bar to experience a personalized tarot reading.

Learn something new about yourself and your fellow group members, and come away from the experience with a new outlook on the future.


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