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Daytime Walking Tours

Charleston Walking & Storytelling Tour

Rainbow Row
Rainbow Row on East Bay Street

Recommended for first-time visitors, the Charleston Walking & Storytelling Tour is an exploration of Charleston that highlights the women and men who helped found Charleston and the United States.

Walk back through time, and experience 350 years of Charleston’s history.

Highlights include Rainbow Row, White Point Garden, the Charleston Battery, the Four Corners of the Law, gorgeous mansions, and hidden alleys and streets.

African-American History & Philip Simmons House Tour

Phillip Simmons

Discover how free people of color witted and gritted their way out of slavery, and learn about the trials and tribulations that still exist in the community today.

Visit the Philip Simmons House, and walk through Charleston’s oldest African-American community.

Highlights include a visit to the Philip Simmons House. See local soul food restaurants, black-owned shops and businesses, unique and rare architecture, and beautiful city gardens.

Strong Women of the South History Tour

The Pollitzer Sisters Fighting for Women’s Rights

As Charleston’s premier women’s history tour and recommended by Charleston Weddings Magazine, explore the birthplace of women’s rights and the matriarchal capitol of the western world.

Stand in front of the homes of women’s rights activists, prominent female merchants, free people of color, and pioneers of social change.

Highlights include the Old City Jail, Wentworth Mansion, Villa De La Fontaine, and the houses and shops of the Harleston Village neighborhood.


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