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Strong Women of the South History Tour

Pice: $35 per person
Private Groups: $280 for up to 10 people

Duration: 2 hours

Starting Location: 21 Magazine Street. We meet in front of the Old City Jail near the intersection of Wilson Street and Magazine Street.

Eliza Lucas Pinckney
Eliza Lucas Pinckney

The Strong Women of the South History Tour is an exploration of historical Charleston from the perspective of the founding mothers and women of every color who contributed to our Great American Dream. Along the way, you will discover the beautiful truth: Charleston is the matriarchal capital of the western world, a city once owned and controlled by women.

Rated as a top Airbnb experience by Charleston Weddings Magazine, this tour is perfect for bachelorettes, couples, locals, and tourists who are looking for something more than a generic city tour.

Anita Pollitzer at NWA Headquarters

Our exploration begins at the alleged execution site of America’s First Female Serial Killer. We stand in the spot where she met her fate and hear her story. Then, you get to decide: was she really a serial killer or a woman protecting her rights!

Next, we visit the homes and sites of the “Old Maids,” Women’s Rights Activists, Printers, Artisans, Madams, Shopkeepers, and Plantation owners while discovering their contributions and conundrums, all written over by modern history. Together, we will roll back time, and see the world from the perspective of women in their time.

We will hear their stories in the contemporary voice of their times, and together, we will smash the myth of the “Fainting Southern Belle,” the “Woman behind the man,” and Chattel Slavery.



“Fantastic tour! Highly engaging storyteller that brings history to life. Loved learning about these amazing women who have not made it into the mainstream history taught in schools.”


” We learned about so many women — from America’s first serial killer, to Ben Franklin’s business partner, to enslaved women who changed the face of Charleston. These stories, and the HUGE amount of context, will genuinely change how you see the city.”


“I’ve lived here for over twenty years and this was the most interesting and informative tour I have taken in our local area!”

Additional Information

Parking And Transportation Options
  • On-street parking is available within the residential area for two hours.
  • Wentworth Parking Garage located at 81 Wentworth Street.
  • Uber/Lyft/Taxi Services are available both downtown and in the surrounding areas.
  • Public transportation from CARTA. You can find the best route using the Transit App.
Things to Note
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